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Meet Our Team


Shay Galam - VP of Compliance Services


Shay Galam serves as the VP of Compliance Services.   Mr. Galam graduated with an LLM in commercial law and finance from the Executive Program, Tel Aviv University with the University of California Berkeley, and has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2008.  Mr. Galam also has a double qualification in law and economics from Haifa University.  

Prior to joining Vstock Transfer, Mr. Galam served as Deputy Corporate Secretary for an Israeli-based telecommunications corporation where he assisted the Board of directors with corporate governance issues regarding the company and its subsidiaries, matters regarding the Securities Authority, the Stock Exchange, and the Ministry of Communications. 


Mr. Galam also served as a Captain/Platoon Commander in the Israeli military services.  In his current role, Mr. Galam establishes relationships with our hundreds of issuer clients and the law firms and investment banking firms they work with to coordinate their transactions for secondary closing or initial listings on the NASDAQ or NYSE.  His knowledge of securities regulation and his dedication to detail is appreciated by the shareholders we interact with on a daily basis as well as the clients that we assist on a range of transactions from Reg A, SPACs, IPOs, dual listings, etc.

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