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Public Companies

If you are a Public Company:


Vstock Transfer provides a full range of professional transfer agent and registrar services to public companies. We use industry-leading software designed to meet the needs of our clients and their shareholders. Our public company services include:

  • Official registrar of stock records

  • Comprehensive proxy services, including e-Proxy/Notice & Access

  • Certificate issuances

  • Lost certificate replacements

  • Certificate transfers

  • Non-certificated, book-entry transactions

  • Stockholder reports and correspondence

  • Annual meeting support

  • Rule 144, restricted stock transfers

  • Digitized recordkeeping for stockholder communications and documentation

  • Abandoned property; escheatment

  • Tax reporting

  • Secure online 24/7 access to stockholder information, reports and online services

For more information or a competitive quote,

email us at or call us at 212-828-8436



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