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Our Services

If you are a Public Company:


V Stock Transfer provides a full range of professional transfer agent and registrar services to public companies. We use industry-leading software designed to meet the needs of our clients and their shareholders. Our public company services include:

  • Official registrar of stock records

  • Comprehensive proxy services, including e-Proxy/Notice & Access

  • Certificate issuances

  • Lost certificate replacements

  • Certificate transfers

  • Non-certificated, book-entry transactions

  • Stockholder reports and correspondence

  • Annual meeting support

  • Rule 144, restricted stock transfers

  • Digitized recordkeeping for stockholder communications and documentation

  • Abandoned property; escheatment

  • Tax reporting

  • Secure online 24/7 access to stockholder information, reports and online services

If you are a Private Company:


V Stock Transfer has developed a unique private company stockholder record maintenance system that provides significant cost savings compared to fees charged by lawyers and paralegals for similar services. Ask us how we can maintain your stock ledger, process share transfers, replace lost stock certificates and issue additional shares upon the closing of each financing. The benefits of using V Stock Transfer for your private company stockholder maintenance needs include:


  • Significant cost savings

  • Maintain an electronic book-entry system

  • Go green: environmentally-friendly paperless share issue and transfer; your stock delivered with a click of a mouse.

  • Benefits to investors include shares held in book entry form

  • Benefits to counsel include having our experienced staff of processors and attorneys handle restricted share transfers reduction of liability and efficient support.


For both private and public companies, our streamlined stockholder reports and correspondence together with our digitized recordkeeping, improves stockholder communications and documentation. We also offer online 24/7 access to stockholder information.

For more information or a competitive quote,

email us at or call us at 212-828-8436



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