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Shai Stern - Member


Shai Stern is CEO of CheckAlt, LLC, a Check 21 application company specializing in check processing, mobile payments, and m-commerce. He also currently serves as Co-Chairman of Vcorp Services, V Stock Transfer and Vcheck Global. In 2002, Mr. Stern co-founded Vintage Filings, a New York-based EDGAR filing firm, which was later acquired by PR Newswire in 2007. Mr. Stern served as CEO and Co-Chairman of Vintage Filings through November 2011. Mr. Stern was formerly a vice president at American Stock Transfer Company where he initiated business relationships and was responsible for outstanding share balances of over 2,000 publicly held companies. He was instrumental in the growth of the AST Stock Plan, which administered stock options and stock benefit plans to 500 publicly traded companies, prior to its purchase by Citibank. Additionally, Mr. Stern is on the board of Double.

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